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Our Profile

Our Philosophy

The success and growth of Majestic Promotions Company comes from its simple philosophy

To establish and maintain high standards of dealing with our customers, sales people, employees and suppliers.

Through quality products, ethical marketing practices, and creative management, we can provide a fair return to the shareholders, value to the customers, market share to the suppliers and security to our employees.

About us

Majestic Promotions Company is a diversified group with interests in direct sales, printing & publishing, retailing, and general trading business.

The group has grown from its humble beginnings in early 2008 to a formidable enterprise that spans several continents, employs people from an even greater variety of backgrounds and is lead by a philosophy of true-value to its customers, share-holders, suppliers and employees. We are one of the largest promotional, Corporate sales organization in the Gulf region.

We are distributors of Corporate Gift items, Printing and Stationary. Apart from the local Trade, we are also suppliers of books to the major supermarkets in the region.

Our customer profile also includes business organizations, institutions, and schools.

Its growth and success has mainly stemmed from its courage to enter new territories, an aggressive expansion policy, a keen sense of putting customer first, de-centralized management approach and ethical business practices.

Majestic Promotions Company has enjoyed the support and encouragement of its suppliers who are the leading names in their field.


Majestic Promotions Company has operations and associate offices in these locations


Partners in Progress

Majestic Promotions Company believes in strong, long term business relations and considers its suppliers as its partners in progress.

Our Life-Line

Customers are the lifeline of any business. Our products and quality opened doors of some of the most prestigious places for us. Here is brief listing of some of the better known customers

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